Hey guys! I know I wasn't on, on February 7, 2013, but there is a reason for that. I was extremely busy crying my eyes out.  After John and I broke up... at 1:02 PM... after rehearsal... It was mutual, yet we were both heart broken. We just didn't feel that same "spark" we used to when we had little crushes on eachother. We figured we'd give it time, and besides we did kind of rush into the relationship after a 10 minute conversation in the parking lot... So we're giving "Linathon" time for while, might be long, but it should be worth it ;). ANYWAYS!! on a more positive not I got into another musical called 'The Wiz" still don't know if I'm on the dance team or if I even got a part. But anyways as for the other play, I quit it was too much preasure, with John playing my love interest and all, I wouldn't want a school, self written play to affect my decision on my love life. So this could be the end of "Linathon" ;( But, I've got to remember one thing from the great Dr. Suess "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened" and I am definately glad John and I were able to have our "fun times" but all good things need to end at some point right? AND IF YOU'RE READING THIS BECAUSE i LINKED IT IN CHAT COMMENT DONT PM OR RESPOND IN THE CHAT lol. anyways thanks for getting through this long blog post.

Love from us both, 

Kalenaleilani and Johnathon (formally Linathon) (aka Lina and John)