Hi, I'm ILuvAlpacas26. I've been an active member of the Kickin It wiki for a whille. I contribute to the wiki everyday that I can. Add pictures, comment, and if anyone needs help, I'm willing to help. I think that the Kickin It wiki needs an extra hand or two. I have experience with being an admin so I'm not new to how everything works. I know how to use the admin tool and such therefore, I will not have to "get the hang of anything" once I start.

Being an admin isn't about the amount of edits or how long you've been on the wiki. It's about 3 key qualities. Friendliness, helpful, and loyalty to the wiki. If you asked any of the many people I know on the wiki they would all tell you that I'm nice, cool, and helpful. If anyone had a question about the wiki, I would do my absolute best to answer it. I also come on the wiki every day that I can. 

I also know exactly when something should be removed, when someone should be banned or when to just give a warning. I know what the polocies of the wiki are and if someone goes against it, then I will give them "the three strikes until they're out".

Now I know this isn't a presidential election or anything but I do think it's important to have a clear idea of what I'd like to do as an admin. 

  • Fix the homepage- I think we can all agree that the homepage needs a clean up. It says the latest episode was All The Presidents Friends. Thats not right.
  • Featured page- Change up the polls and stuff. Also add all the winners to the homepage,
  • Removing some comments- Some people (not going to mention names) have told me about some mean Wikia Contributer comments. I would remove those (and possibly mean replies) to make sure that people wouldn't have to deal with any of that stuff.

So thanks for reading my "speech", I hope you all support me so that I can get things back on track and make the site a better place for everyone.

And even if I don't get to become an admin, I will always help you with anything you need so if you want to post a message on my wall, go ahead! I'd also love to meet all of you swasome peoples out there :)

And remember Anna can give you a hand-a :P

Sorry that was super cheesey... ~~Anna~~