• JustCallMeDee :)

    Spread the word

    March 17, 2013 by JustCallMeDee :)

    Hey guys! Okay so I just found this wiki and I think we should get more people to come on here. This wiki is important just as many other wiki's. We need more people to som on here and I think we should spread the word around about it! I think we should tell friends and other people on different wiki's to join. This can get more people, more edits and really improve the wiki. What do you say guys? We should apread the word about this wiki and gain more people here! What do you think guys?

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  • Fiercewriter

    My Campaign Speech

    February 9, 2013 by Fiercewriter

    So , there are not many active admins on the Kickin'it wiki. Only two admins are really actually active, and not even that often are they on.I've been on the Kickin'it wiki since December 21st , 2011, and I've had the dream of being an Admin just like every other user. I always do my best to make sure that our wiki is a great enviroment, even though I'm not an admin. I go on reguarly and check comments on the pages. I'm always happy to help if anyone needs anything. I also have made many friends who I'm proud to call me Kickin'it family. I've worked my way into being friends of two well known terrific Kick video makers and have learn to make my own to show my enthusiasm for Kick and Kickin'it.

    I've also worked my way into co-owning @KickOff…

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  • ShawTae4Life


    February 9, 2013 by ShawTae4Life

    Hey guys! I know I wasn't on, on February 7, 2013, but there is a reason for that. I was extremely busy crying my eyes out.  After John and I broke up... at 1:02 PM... after rehearsal... It was mutual, yet we were both heart broken. We just didn't feel that same "spark" we used to when we had little crushes on eachother. We figured we'd give it time, and besides we did kind of rush into the relationship after a 10 minute conversation in the parking lot... So we're giving "Linathon" time for while, might be long, but it should be worth it ;). ANYWAYS!! on a more positive not I got into another musical called 'The Wiz" still don't know if I'm on the dance team or if I even got a part. But anyways as for the other play, I quit it was too much…

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  • Fiercewriter

    So I notice we need new admins on the Kickin'it wiki and I had made this blog-post on that wiki before but FashionGal deleted it so here I go!

    • J'adore-la-plage-et-les-montagnes - Meg
    • Stay.Cool - Diana
    • Fiercewriter-Haley
    • ILuvAllpacas26-Anna
    • TENNISandKICKLOVER2000-Laina
    • ILoveCows-Nina
    • BuzzyGlitzAquaticaPasta

    If You would like to run then comment below and tell me!

    Also, all runners have to make a blog post about why they should be admin, whoever gets the most commenst saything they should be admin wins. We will work the details out later!

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